LoveBomb Challenge

Let's show the world how to spread love! 

Many people you know feel disconnected, forgotten, or alone.

Despite the incredible power of our smart phones, 90% of people report having felt socially isolated or lonely in the last year (according to a recent LoveBomb study).

This is impacting the happiness and well-being of our friends, family and colleagues (perhaps even more than we realize)! Not to mention ourselves...

As a result, there has never been a better time to reach out to people you care about to simply show love and appreciation.

The power of human connection is real and can brighten any moment in seconds.

There is an unlimited supply available, no need to disinfect, and you don't need to wear a mask!

Give the gift of your kind attention, and let's utilize technology as a megaphone to amplify our hearts and create the kind of meaningful connection that makes everyone feel awesome.

How will we do it? By dropping LoveBombs.

LoveBomb (noun): A digital expression of kindness. 


A LoveBomb for you.

Lead the way and make someone's day!

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How to participate:

Step 1: Commit to completing the 14 Day LoveBomb Challenge

Feel free to announce your participation on social media, and invite or challenge others.

Step 2: Take a few minutes to make a list of 14+ people that you care about

Ideas: Family, friends, people you think are awesome, someone you've been thinking about, or anyone who deserves a shoutout. 

Step 3: Call or message at least one person (from your list) everyday and make them feel special!

It feels good to be thought of and valued. You never know what someone's going through, so share the good vibes generously and consistently! 

Already sending love, daily? Awesome!! We challenge you to raise your game by sending 1+ additional LoveBomb per day.

BONUS STEP: Post any/all well-wishes for your community and the world on your social meda, and tag us!


Use the hashtag and tag us so we can cheer you on and track our kind print! 

#LoveBombChallenge @LoveBombChallenge

For more tips, resources, and positivity, follow us on Instagram @LoveBombChallenge.

How to LoveBomb

  • You could send videos, voice notes, pictures, texts, memes, or better yet, (video) call them!

  • You could say "hi," "thank you," give a compliment, recall a cherished memory, wish them well, or give them a public shoutout on social media!

  • End your message saying "You've been LoveBombed."

  • It's about kindness and connection - have fun, feel free to get creative, and be authentic!

Who will you LoveBomb 1st??  

We doube dare you to send one now! 


The LoveBomb app is coming soon.

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How to send an amazing LoveBomb:

From our experience, a 30-second appreciation video is GOLD. Here’s how to make an awesome one.  

  • A warm smiley face and a friendly hello!
  • Say where you are/what you are up to, and why you are reaching out. Bonus points for a good background or a fun/funny context.
  • Make them feel special. Pay an honest compliment, recall an unforgettable memory, AND wish them well (in these unprecedented/uncertain times). They will love it, and it will feel great!
  • Make it short and sweet - 20-40 seconds. Don’t ramble.
  • Be kind, authentic, and make your message more of a gift to them than about you.  

People will 'like' a selfie, but never forget a LoveBomb.

Who will you LoveBomb 1st? 

We dare you to take 30 seconds right now!

You'll be glad you did and so will they! Worst case scenario - you'll know you chose love!

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About our Founder

Mark Shapiro has sent over 10,000 personalized appreciation videos to those he cares about, gave the TEDx talk on human connection in the digital age, and is the founder of the LoveBomb app (coming April 2020).